Visa Information

1. Countries or Regions for Visa Exemption

See a list of 63 countries and regions.

2. Those Who Need Visa

If you can apply a tourist visa, it is a simpler and faster way than applying the below short-term stay visa. See here in Chinese or here in English.

Otherwise, you must apply a short-stay visa (see here) with visa assistance documents from a Japanese guarantor by following the below instructions.

  1. Request the Conference Secretariat to issue visa assistance documents for your short-term stay visa application. Your mail subject should be "Visa Letter for DMBD2017." They will send you the URL for uploading your ZIP file described in the below 5.”
  2. Download visa documents from here. This zip file consists of authorInfo.txt, three PDF forms (application2.pdf, application3.pdf, and StaySchedule.pdf), and three HowToWrite files (HowToWrite_application2.pdf, HowToWrite_application3.pdf, and HowToWrite_StaySchedule.pdf).
  3. Fill in authorInfo.txt and three PDF forms (application2.pdf, application3.pdf, and StaySchedule.pdf) by referring three HowToWrite files.
  4. Prepare (a) a confirmation letter of your registration from the conference secretariat (e-mail), (b) a certificate of your employment or enrollment (electronic copy), and (c) a confirmation of your hotel booking (electronic copy).
  5. Make a folder which name consists of your paper ID and your name, e.g. 15HideyukiTakagi, put seven documents in the above 3 and 4, zip the folder, e.g., and upload the ZIP file to the URL obtained in the above 1. Upload Procedure is to (a) go to the above URL, (b) click the "アップロード" (upload) menu in the left side, (c) drag your ZIP file into a quadrilateral frame and drop it, and (d) click the "アップロード" button.
  6. Inform the success of your upload to the General co-Chair. Your mail subject should be "Visa Letter for DMBD2017." He will start to prepare other necessary documents and ship them to you by courier. Don't send the above heavy documents by e-mail.

These visa assistance documents should be issued to only Speakers / Presenters who have paid the required registration fee in full. When you plan to travel with your companions who do not present any papers, you should apply their visas together.

For intuition and convenience, a flowchart of requesting the short-stay visa assistance docs for the visa applicants is shown in the following Fig. 1.


Fig. 1: A route map of requesting the short-stay visa assistance documents